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Gas Nitriding

Gas nitriding is a low-temperature case-hardening process that is commonly used to enhance the wear performance of finished components, reduce the propensity for galling, and enhance corrosion-resistance of steels. Nitriding is sensitive to the chemistry and condition of the starting material being used. Materials with high amounts of nitriding forming elements such as Ti, V, Al, Cr, and Mo will exhibit the highest degree of hardening. Low alloy steels such as 1018 will harden, but not to the same extent.

The low temperature of the process (in the range of 1000°F or 538°C), ensures that the carefully crafted mechanical properties of the core are minimally altered. No quench is required due to the sub-critical temperatures used. Distortion is minimal, and a post-process machining or grinding is not typically required, which is highly advantageous for finished, tight tolerance components.

Gas nitriding controls


• Working envelope: 32″D x 60″ H
• Temperature range: Up to 1200°F (650°C)
• 4000lbs max
• Working envelope: 32″D x 75″ H
• 4000lbs max
• Temperature range: Up to 1200°F (650°C)


• Ferrous, titanium, and aluminum alloys.
• Low-carbon and low alloy steels are most common.
• 4140,4145,4330V, QT-100, cast iron, tool steels and more
• Stainless Steel (Only Vendor in Western Canada Capable of Gas Nitriding Stainless Steels)

Surface Finish

• Black Post-Oxidation (QPQ equivalent)
• Standard Gray Gas Nitriding Finish

Tailored Case Depths

Over 30 recipes for case depths ranging from 0.002-0.030”, with the technical capability to meet any specification.

AIHT has two fully automated nitriding furnaces with sophisticated computer controls and real-time load monitoring capabilities.

Post-Reaction Oxidation (PROTM)

For a sleek black finish, we recommend our PROTM surface finish. Following nitriding a secondary process is used to produce a professional black surface finish. Those familiar with liquid nitriding will recognize this as an Fe3O4 oxide coating, but unlike liquid nitriding, this oxide layer doesn’t change the surface finish of the part (no polishing required).

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Technical Information

Alberta Industrial has developed an entire range of gas nitriding recipes to best suit the needs of our customers. View our catalogue for more information on our current products.

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